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I have a solution for the Russian-Ukrainian war conflict. As we all know, Russia likes to make wars with different countries. It got its huge territory by getting into wars with its neighbors for centuries. That situation was ok before, but right now we live in the 21 century where it`s not allowed to take other countries` territories. The whole world will strongly oppose it and do everything to stop invading other countries. All tyrants, fascists and dictators should stay in the last century. I think Putin doesn’t understand that he got into war not only with Ukraine , but with all affluent, strong, democratic countries. The USA has a 754 billion dollar budget in military every year, and we don’t have a war in our country. Europe, the Great Britain, Canada, France, Japan etc are rich countries as well. Putin is digging a hole in the Russian economy which hurts his country and his poor people. The most devastating thing is that Russia doesn’t need Ukrainian territory because its own territory is underpopulated. I think Putin won`t win this war with international support of Ukraine. He will eventually lose. We can offer a solution: Putin should stop the war, take out troops from Donbas, return back Donbas and Crimea to Ukraine, build back Ukraine and we will lift sanctions which will let Russia prosper in the future. Otherwise even if Russia wins the war the sanctions will stay in place which will lead Russia to huge economic turmoil, and we will prosecute Putin.

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